This section explores techniques for forming order out of chaos. Why does nature seem so organized? A deep question!? Answers range from an all knowing god all the way to evolution towards beauty and the second law of thermodynamics. It is not my place to wish at any answers here but to hopefully spark your imagination.

The pattern section of this site covers basic evolutionary algorithms and effects. This section aims to find ways to produce natural artefacts through deliberate analysis.

Take an empty sandbox. Start dropping grains of sand at random locations. When any location in the sandbox reaches a certain height of grains (eight here) then spread them out to the neighbouring eight locations in an avalanche. If any of these locations then have a height of eight then do the same until the avalanche stops. All locations involved in an avalanche are painted black and are shown in one of the shapes produced below. After a certain length of time a lot of avalanches occur, it is at this point that the sandbox is said to be self organized from whence interesting patterns emerge. Patterns appear in the form of silhouettes which will spark interesting thoughts if you dwell long enough on some of the individuals presented.

The number of shapes to produce per column and row.
Number of shapes  

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